At Kwai Fah Acupuncture Clinic I focus on helping you achieve and maintain wellness. My goal is to help people feel better - people of all shapes, sizes, gender expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, and religious affiliations. I also strongly believe in giving back to the community and will donate a portion of my business proceeds to a different organization each month. 

Latest news (11.20.14): 

I will be out of the office this weekend (11.21-23), as I'll be in class for my Graduate Mentorship Program. This class is all about abdominal diagnosis, so don't be surprised if I spend more time palpating your abdomen at your next visit!

I've decided to suspend the Giving Back program for November, because I will have taken almost half the month off between traveling, classes, and Thanksgiving. It will start up again in December, so if you have a favorite non-profit that you'd like me to consider, let me know.

Next week I will be taking Thanksgiving Day off, but I will be in the office on Friday and Saturday. If you overdo it on the food and/or beverages, come in for an appointment! I can help with food stagnation and hangovers. Seriously. I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing holiday!

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