Body Hacks for Your Ultimate Life
7:00 pm19:00

Body Hacks for Your Ultimate Life

  • Green Shirt Studio

Headache? Backache? Shoulder Pain? Desk job tensions? Bring in your physical problems and we'll do a jam session to find relief! This class will feature instruction by Jeremy Cohn, Alexander Technique Teacher. Registration is limited and is $30.

The Alexander Technique combines habit-breaking methods with practical biomechanics to help you shed tension and stress and live your best life. Anyone who has a body can benefit, but this work is especially useful for:

  • Performing Artists (Actors, Singers, Dancers, Instrumentalists) who want more presence, ease, breath, and expression
  • People who suffer from chronic back and neck pain--especially those who interface with computers and technology
  • Athletes and active people
  • People who experience chronic stress and anxiety
  • People dealing with issues relating to aging or mobility
  • People with breathing issues
  • People who want better posture
  • Public Speakers and Executives
  • People who want to be more mindful and connected to themselves
Shamanic Open House & Guided Visualization Session
6:00 pm18:00

Shamanic Open House & Guided Visualization Session

  • Kwai Fah Acupuncture Clinic

6pm-7pm: Open House with Joan to ask questions and learn more about shamanic practices
7pm-7:45pm: Guided Visualization (suggested donation of $10-$20)
8pm-8:45pm: Guided Visualization (suggested donation of $10-$20)

Meet contemporary shaman, Joan Levergood, and learn how shamanic practices can help you move forward in your life with optimal energy and a balanced spirit. Life is better when we are balanced and whole. There was a time when most humans understood that the energies of the universe were woven together into a great web of life.  Shamans have knowledge of this great web and how to work within it. They build relationships with compassionate helping spirits, and request help on behalf of their clients from these helping spirits. 

Joan will lead two guided visualizations to support you in recovering your personal energy.  Space is limited, so please RSVP to reserve a space for one of the guided sessions.